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Morpheus sweet boy. He likes to cuddle and will be a best friend in time. He has had all of his teeth pulled, so he eats slow and really appreciates a good friend to take care of him. Morpheus is bonded with Apollo

Apollo is slow to come around, but a sure friend. He waits until everyone eats, and then he comes out for his visit. He is very friendly with all of the other cats, and that is something to say. He has his same resting places. He is a creature of habit. LOVE this kitty. 

Ziggy 1.jpg

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy! We put you at the top of the page. Very comfortable around anyone and trys his hardest to get along with any cat. He just wants to be with you, and lick your face. Full on arms around your neck attention. Loves to be picked up and carried around. Really can't say more about him. 

unnamed (2).jpg

Gizmo is super friendly! and always hungry...He loves to play with toys and his cats friends. He enjoys just relaxing and a good fresh cup of hard food. Always in a good mood. 

unnamed (4).jpg

Zayn is not only good handsome, but a character too. He is always on the lookout to sleep on a bed. He escapes any setting and of course we let him do what he wants. He plays hard to get, but really a snuggly boy. 

unnamed (3).jpg

Momma Flor is the captain of this team. She is kinda the ruler of the house. She sits at the top of all the towers and looks down at everyone. She does like a good cat pet, and loves to just sit next to you. She loves to explore

unnamed (5).jpg

Humbert the kitty...well now a teenager. What can I say about this face! He has so much energy and all the cats play with him, and he still wants more. He wants to sleep in your arms, and forever wants cuddles. We think he is a doll...

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