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Morpheus sweet boy. He likes to cuddle and will be a best friend in time. He has had all of his teeth pulled, so he eats slow and really appreciates a good friend to take care of him. Morpheus is bonded with Apollo


Eliza is a sweet shy cat. She is ready for a new friend. She gets along with cats and loves to sit by the window all day. She loves attention, but needs a slow hand. We love to have her, because she is always ready to be loved. If you want a true blue friend she is the cat for you.  

Ziggy 1.jpg

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy! We put you at the top of the page. Very comfortable around anyone and trys his hardest to get along with any cat. He just wants to be with you, and lick your face. Full on arms around your neck attention. Loves to be picked up and carried around. Really can't say more about him. 


Kate is always up to play and be loved. She was shy to come around, but now ready to hand out at all times. She loves her kitty friends. She is also comfortable with new kitties. She loves to play with toys. She likes soft food and treats. Kate likes to search the house for new spaces and is super curious.  


Lilabet is all cuddles! She wants to play and be in your lap all the time. She is ready for fun all the time. She knows when it's time for a nap. Such a good kitty. She loves her kitty mates. She adores a new toy, her soft food, and a good window. She is very curious and loves all people.  

unnamed (5).jpg

Tiffany a sweet little kitty. She is super friendly and relaxed. She loves to play with toys and her friends. She gets along with other cats. She loves to sleep in her bed, but up for playing anytime. She loves treats and to sit in your lap. Tiffany is a great companion for both young and old.  

unnamed (6).jpg

We love Peachy! He is so sweet. He is shy with other kitties. He would be good as an only cat. He tends to be shy with other kitties. He loves lots of attention. He loves to sleep in bed with you. He likes his cat television, soft treats and lots of love. He likes to look out the window and loves a good human.

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